Reviews of Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin

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Recently I picked this face wash for dry skin, as this summer I got few pimples and they left little blemish behind so thought to give a try to nomarks product as this is the first time I’m using this product. I have never used Bajaj nomarks products till date. I’m using this face wash from last 1 week, so I’m sharing my views on this product for dry skin.  What got my eyes on this product is the ingredients.

Read on to know how it worked on my skin and my experience with this product:


Price of Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin for 50gm+10gm is Rs. 55

Let’s check out what company has to say about Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin:

Product Description:-

Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin

  • With age, skin tends to become dry due to the loss of natural hydration and becomes prone to blemishes and wrinkles.
  • New Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin is formulated with encapsulated beads of Carrot, Lemon and Wheat Germ Oil that not only help in hydrating and nourishing your dry skin, but also provide sun protection from the harmful effects of UVA & UVB rays.
  • Daily usage helps you prevent darkening of skin and keeps it free of blemishes, making it lighter toned and flawless.


Organic Actives Enrichred Ingredients:- Wheat  Germ, Lemon and Carrot.



Direction Of Use:-

Apply Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash all over the wet face in circular motion. Wash off & pat dry.

Benefits of Active Ingredients:

Carrot oil helps to avoids skin aging.

Lemon is an active skin cleanser.

Wheat germ oil decreases wrinkles and also nourishes the skin.

My Experience Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin:


As I said above the ingredient list impressed me and got my eye on it. I wanted to give a try I was expecting more from this product. As I have never tried nomarks products. Talking about its packing, this Nomarks face wash comes in a nice cute looking light blue transparent tube with a flip top related to most of the face wash comes. The packing helps to know the remaining quantity of the face wash. The product is travel friendly and fits into the handbags easily. The color of face wash looks like a transparent gel which is minty green with blue small beads for gentle skin exfoliation. The fragrance of this face wash is citrus, camphor’s & refreshing pretty I liked the fragrance. The consistency of face wash is gel like and little thick than normal liquid face wash and it lathers less than other face wash. But the smell may be strong for few people.

The product does the job of cleansing my face well. It does helps to avoid pimples but doesn’t reduce the size of current ones. And I found it does not works well on blemish completely as it claims and it makes my skin little drier as well after wash I need to apply moisturizer lotion. I take a very little amount of this face wash on my hands and rub it on my hands with few drops of water to procedure lather but unexpectedly it lathered very less than normal. Well I went ahead to cleanse my face with it and it felt very gentle, not at all tough on the skin. The exfoliation process of face wash was just normal not sufficient vital for deduction of dull and rough skin. But I was pretty impressed the way it left nice fresh looking skin with a delicate glow. By using this face wash I instantly got results into brighter looking skin with faded blemishes and pimple scars. But after few min the effect it got reduced and then they looked normal like before.

Capture 1

Price is affordable, I must say it is ok kind of product; I’m not so impressed from this product I will never buy this product again.

Advantages of Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin:

1. Helps to Prevents pimples and nicely cleanse the skin with gentle exfoliation.

2. Very Affordable and easily available.

3. Comes in small nice travel friendly tube packaging with a flip.

4. Smell good with nice citrus fragrance.

Disadvantages of Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin:

1. Not at all reduce scars & blemishes as claimed.

2. Lathers little less than other face wash.

3.Product gets waste as sometime it comes out more.

4. Makes my skin dry, is a big disadvantage especially during winter as I have dry skin.

5. Does not reduce the size of current pimples.

Ratings of about Bajaj Nomarks Face Wash for Dry Skin:

1. Suited for Dry Skin                                                                             :-2/5

2. Suited for Oily skin                                                                             :-4/5

3. Suited for Normal skin                                                                      :-3/5

4. Suited for Combination skin                                                            :-2/5

5. Suited for sensitive skin                                                                    :- 3/5

6. Availability of face wash in stores                                                       :- 5/5

7. Effectiveness of face wash                                                                      :- 2/5

8. Price of the face wash                                                                             :- 5/5

9. Color, Consistency and Fragrance                                               :-4/5

10. Overall Rating                                                                                    :- 3.5/5

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