Reviews of Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact

Revlon’s Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder (T&G powder) is a face compact powder which can be used directly or on foundation. This compact is one of the best compacts for daily use makeup. This compact suits all skin type. This powder does even out the skin tone, smoothens and silken the skin for 4-5 hours.

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Price of Reviews of Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact for 12 g Rs. 352

Let’s check out what company has to about the Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact:

Product Description:-

The product claims:- “A moisturising face powder that smoothens, silkens, evens out your skin tone. Use as a minimum makeup or touch-ups for a natural finish that lasts. Stay colour-true, even on oily skin”.

Do you have pigments, white patches and other such blemishes on your face? This Revlon compact powder will surely keep your secret. Apply this moisturising compact powder, available in an Ivory Matte shade from the Touch & Glow collection, on your skin regularly and dab a layer to even out the skin tone of your face and neck.

Non-powdery Finish

Although it has a powdered texture, its application still delivers a non-powdery matte finish. It moisturises your skin without reducing the natural oils or making it dry.

Compact Case with a Safe Puff

The powder comes packed in a compact case which is small and light in weight too. There also is a built-in mirror and a fluffy puff to help you get the touch-ups done. It can fit into small or big sized purse without any difficulty and can be carried around with you to office or parties.

The few shades of compact:- Natural Matte, Ivory Matte, Golden Matte and Rose Matte.


The key ingredients are talc, fragrance and titanium dioxide.

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Non-drying, Provides Non-powdery Matte Finish, Smooth Application, Moisturises Skin, Provides Even Skin Tone.

Direction Of Use:-

You can apply the compact directly on skin after you apply any cream or you can apply on foundation.

My experience with Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact:

It costs is Rs. 352 for a 12 gram compact which I think is a pretty costly but since it is Revlon brand it is no surprise. I picked up Ivory Matte which suits my skin complexion and give me a natural look as I have dry skin. This smaller- known product delivers what it promises. I have tried and keep on trying new other brands but the Touch & Glow matches my skin tone perfectly, But if you wear glasses or cover your face while going out or even use the phone too much then you will need to reapply the compact powder as it can get transferred onto them.

The powder won’t stay for long time on skin; it stays only for 4-5 hours if you won’t disturb it. The good idea is to carry it with you and do touch-ups when you need. The compact is small and light-weight and easily fits in most purses of sizes. The compact has built-in mirror and comes with a decent powder puff.

The packaging of the product is not so impressive or stylish. It comes in simple black with gold-rimmed an edge which gives it a quite cheap look. It is not very durable because if you drop it by mistake then it may break and chips may come off if it falls off.

Coming to texture and fragrance of the compact, fragrance is quite mild and pleasant. The texture is very creamy-like and very smooth and that is why it humbly and neatly dissolves into the skin! There are four shades in compact I have mentioned in the starting of the article, as I told I picked up Ivory Matte and I’m very satisfied and happy with it.

The best part what I liked about this product is that it does not make my skin feel dry because it has moisture in it. If you are one who wear concealer daily then you can use this powder on top and it is perfect for daily makeup without making your skin dry and it helps to lock in that concealer without leaving any kind of patches. Even you can use it without concealer it helps to cover marks. Even oily skin people can use it will help to cover the oiliness and gives normal skin tone. Touch and Glow does not make me to look like I’m wearing powder even if I apply couple of layers. This product does not have an SPF but you can wear a cream or foundations which contain SPF and top it off use this compact powder.

If you have small spot or little dark circle  or under eye circles, this powder helps to even out the skin tone to some extent. Just dab some suited concealer and then apply the powder.

Advantages of Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact:

1. Suits almost all skin tones and all skin type.

2. Can be use daily.

3. Very handy and easy to carry around.

4. Very moisturising and does not make skin dry.

5. Hides blemishes and cover dark circles.

6. Smells is mild quite soft on skin.

7. Comes with a nice quantity which last for 3 months for me.

Disadvantages of Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact:

1. The product is quite expensive.

2. Needs to be reapplying if you cover the face or wear glasses.

3. Does not contain SPF.

4. Does not stay longer than four to five hours.

5. Packaging could be a bit durable. Also I do not like the golden border around the box as it looks a bit cheap.

Ratings of about Revlon Touch & Glow Moisturising Powder Compact:

1. Suited for Dry Skin                                                                             :-5/5

2. Suited for Oily skin                                                                             :-4.75/5

3. Suited for Normal skin                                                                      :-5/5

4. Suited for Combination skin                                                            :-5/5

5. Suited for sensitive skin                                                                    :- 5/5

6. Availability of compact in stores                                                       :- 3/5

7. Effectiveness of compact                                                                   :- 5/5

8. Price of the compact                                                                      :- 2.75/5

9. Color, Consistency and Fragrance                                                :-5/5

10. Overall Rating                                                                                    :- 5/5

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